Robert Stowe Frost, Redlands CA
b. 1925 (1555 Texas Street).
Redlands Senior HS class of 1943.
m. Ference Geritz, Los Angeles CA 1947.
Cal Berkeley Agricultural College, Agronomics 1948.
Taft-Maricopa Farms, alpha seed farmer 1949-1952.
Douglas Aircraft Company, 1954-1960.
Cal State Northridge, Mathematics 1958.
Aerospace Corporation, 1960-2001.
d. 2006 (30555 Los Altos Drive)
Things my dad taught me:
How to make things grow.
America IS beautiful.
Reflector ovens work.
Backpacking is fun.
Books are important.
Mathematics is very useful.
How to enjoy work.
Anyone can cook.
What dough should look like.
How to take care of the house.
Pain is how you perceive it.
How to choose a good tool.
You can't learn to play well on a bad instrument.
Good music comes in many flavors.
Marriage is a lifetime commitment.
What it means to care.